Sunday, September 25, 2016

At some point or another, a lot of bloggers find themselves wanting to make money from his or her blog. From there, they find themselves learning about the different types of advertising one can use on their blog. This can be a lucrative opportunity for many people, since they will effectively get paid for doing something that they love. Some have even been able to cultivate a growing business out of the articles that they post through their blog. But for those that haven’t entered this foray before, they may need to think about whether they can get linked up with the right source for these advertising funds.

First, you should take the time to get feedback from your readership to see how they feel about these changes. Think about adding a short post on your website notifying them about these changes. If you have cultivated a growing fan base, then you should be able to get the full support of your readership to do this. They may be able to provide some helpful insight in to how they will perceive these new ads. If your blog supports comments, they might even link you up with some valuable suggestions. Think about considering these suggestions when you review some of the different options that you have.

It will also be important to choose a source for advertising revenue. You can sell ad space to a number of different companies out there, and each of them will tend to carry their own sets of benefits. There are a number of great cost per click (CPC) advertisers out there, including both AdSense and Chitika. They are well established, so they will provide you with a reliable source of income. Some people may want to work with some independent ad companies, since they may be able to provide higher rates of revenue.

Depending on your blog specialization, you may be able to get revenue from other sources as well. Creating a site through CPA networks has become an increasingly popular option, since it can generate an additional source of revenue. Tax sites will provide a seasonal bump in the revenue that you generate, which is often welcome among many bloggers out there. You can also choose to seek out your own advertisers, depending on the popularity of your site. Think about whether you can work with a big name company, who may be able to provide direct sponsorship for the content that you generate.

Finally, don’t forget to keep tabs on the amount of revenue that you are generating through your ads. Try to make sure that your ad dollars are heading on a steady upward trajectory over time. It should also be commensurate with the amount of readers that you are generating for your blog. If you feel like you aren’t getting a fair amount of ad revenue for your current readership, then you may want to consider other ad companies out there. It can be important to challenge yourself to reach certain goals, which can help you gain a substantial amount of income over time. Now that you have learned about the types of online advertising, you should know that this is a lucrative opportunity, so try not to miss out on it if possible.


With the great advancement in internet technology, blogging has become a lucrative way of making money online. There are many types of marketing, and marketing for a blog is a delicate balance of keeping your readers informed, entertained, and coming back for more. In order to succeed in blogging below are tips I would use for marketing my blog.

  1. Determine my preferred audience in order to target people who are interested in the content I provide in the blog, thus making it hit the sweet spot of my audience.
  2. I would be original and be honest in my blogs by being innovative and avoid spinning other old blogs. I would also verify my facts and give links to additional verification.
  3. I would also add a little bit of controversy because it helps market blogs because such controversy brings in differing opinions making the blog more engaging to the audience.
  4. Posting blogs to other prestigious blogs as a guest blogger would also help my blogs drive traffic to my blog where readers can find relevant content.
  5. I would also expose my blog RSS button down the page with my wordPress theme credit links thus making them more visible and clear for all my readers.
  6. Engage in social media marketing using social networks such as facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and others in order to attract many fans and followers to read and share your blogs.
  7. I would also create different profiles for each of the social media marketing sites in order to show all the facet of my expertise for people to develop trust and confidence in my blogs.
  8. Overselling can make the readers get bored and stop following my blogs, so I would just do a bit of selling and also put more focus on teaching or providing information to the readers.
  9. In marketing my blog, I would use long tail keywords that will help my blog rank high in search engines, thus making it be found easily by internet surfers.
  10. To succeed more effectively in the current competition in the blogging industry, I will also brand my blog in order to be separate from other competitors through creation of unique brands. I would use unique colors, images and be consistent in branding my blog.
  11. By developing a simple, easy to navigate blog site would help more people use my blog and sustain them for long to ensure my sustainability in the blogging industry. A site that has a straightforward feel is also friendly to users, thus helping gain more traffic.
  12. Posting regularly is another strategy that I would use to market my blog to users. I would do this by providing fresh content every day in order to keep my readers coming back for more and also invite other people join my blog as subscribers.
  13. Blog readers always like to be engaged, thus I will at all times respond to comments given by my readers on my blog. Whenever I find a mention on my blog on another blog, I will give thanks to that blogger in the comments of the post to show appreciation, thus giving them more encouragement.

By following the above tips, I have confidence that you will succeed and gain a competitive edge over other folks in the blogging industry.


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